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Department of Primate Behavior and Evolution

Director: Prof. (Duke Univ.) Jenny Tung, Ph.D.

The Department of Primate Behavior and Evolution unifies organismal perspectives on behavior, life history and evolution with molecular and genetic approaches in order to gain previously unobtainable insights. Its mission is to uncover the patterns and processes that guide primate evolution, produce applied knowledge with relevance to human health and primate conservation, and build capacity for primate research everywhere.



Jenny Tung elected to the United States National Academy of Sciences

Primate Behavior and Evolution

The U.S. National Academy of Sciences honors Jenny Tung for her outstanding contributions


Demand for critical minerals puts African great apes at risk

Primate Behavior and Evolution

More than a third of Africa’s great ape population faces risks related to mining


Early life adversity leaves long-term signatures in baboon DNA

Primate Behavior and Evolution

Study shows multiple pathways connect early life adversity to later life health