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Configure WLAN "eduroam" - Windows 10/11

  • First you have to install the Root Certificate USERTrust RSA Certification Authority. Download from here. (best way save as)
  • Install it with double-click and follow the instructions below.
  • Choose Current User and the Automatically select the certifcate store based on the type of certificate.
  • After you have installed the certificate, you need to activate the new WI-FI profile. First download it here and save it directly on "C:\" or ask your department's IT-Staff to send the profile via email.
  • Now press Windows-Key+R and type in cmd
  • Now press Ctrl+Shift+Enter and answer with yes to open an administrative Command Prompt
  • Insert the following command to install the eduroam Wi-Fi profile:

    netsh wlan add profile filename="C:\WiFi-eduroam-MPIEVA23.xml"
  • Close the Command Prompt and delete the Wi-Fi profile file.
  • Now you are ready to establish the connection. Go to the wireless icon in the taskbar or open your Charms Bar/Settings/Wi-Fi and click on the eduroam network.
  • You will then be prompted to enter your MPI EVA USER_NAME@eva.mpg.de and password. You are then connected to eduroam.