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Department of Comparative Cultural Psychology

Director: Prof. Dr. Daniel Haun

The Department of Comparative Cultural Psychology combines approaches from developmental, cross-cultural and comparative psychology, to study uniquely human cultural diversity and the universal cognitive mechanisms that enable and constrain it.

  • We study the interaction between culture and mind by comparing people from different social and physical environments around the world.
  • Second, we investigate the developmental processes that lead to similarities and differences in human behavior by studying children’s early development cross-culturally.
  • Third, we study the uniquely human aspects of these developmental processes by comparing the development of human infants with the early development in other, non-human great apes species.



Chimpanzees can navigate virtual environments

Comparative Cultural Psychology

In search of virtual fruit, chimpanzees used landscape features for better orientation


Challenging "rule breakers"

Comparative Cultural Psychology

Children will confront their peers, but how they do so varies across cultures


Those that game together, stay together

Comparative Cultural Psychology

The games we play reflect the socio-ecological characteristics of the culture that we are in