02.03.2021 - 19:14
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Group Staff

Matthias Meyer (Group leader)

Ayinuer Aximu-Petri (head of the automation lab)

I am developing lab automation protocols for the Bravo NGS workstation and other liquid handling devices and oversee the whole sample preparation workflow. In addition, I am a member of the sequencing group and operate our in-house DNA sequencers (Illumina, PacBio and Sanger sequencing technologies).






Marie-Theres Gansauge (Postdoc)

I am developing and improving methods for DNA library preparation from ancient DNA. This work is aiming to improve our understanding of DNA degradation patterns and ultimately increasing the yield of DNA sequences from ancient specimens.





David López Herráez (Postdoc)

Diyendo Massilani (Postdoc)

Louisa Jáuregui (Project coordinator)

By monitoring sample progress and keeping abreast of ongoing endeavors in the group, I work to facilitate the communication between collaborating scientists and our researchers here in Leipzig. My primary focus pertains to projects involving DNA-retrieval from sediment.





Lukas Bokelmann (Graduate student)

Alba Bossoms Mesa (Graduate student)








Elena Zavala (Graduate student)

I am currently working on increasing our understanding of how DNA is preserved with Pleistocene sediments in order to develop methods for the enrichment of ancient DNA during the extraction process





Elena Essel (Lab technician)

Sarah Nagel (Lab technician)

Julia Richter (Lab technician)

Anna Schmidt (Lab technician)

Celine Camuto (Student assistant)

Vincent Geyer (Student assistant)

Leonie Kohl (Student assistant)

Hanna Mayer (student assistant)

Merlin Szymanski (Student assistant)

Former lab members

  • Elena Beirer
  • Hannes Buchholz
  • Atilla Çelikgil
  • Jesse Dabney
  • Isabelle Glocke
  • Mateja Hajdinjak
  • Charlotte Hopfe
  • Petra Korlević
  • Yuliia Lihanova
  • Laurin Lippik
  • Felix Müller
  • Michelle Roderer
  • Linda Pöschla