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Michael Gill

Projects Coordinator

Technological Primates Research Group
Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology
Deutscher Platz 6
04103 Leipzig

Email: Michael_Gill@~@eva.mpg.de
Office: B 2.34

Research Interests

After retiring from a 30 year career in business I completed an MSc in primatology & primate conservation at Oxford Brookes University. During this time, I developed a deep fascination for tool use in non-human primates and in 2018 I joined Dr Lydia Luncz at the Primate Models for Human Evolution Lab at Oxford University as a volunteer research assistant.

Since March 2020 I am working in the Technological Primate Research Group as programs co-ordinator.  I organise and also participate in research regarding tool use by long-tailed macaques in the Phang Nga National Park Thailand. I am also setting up and managing the Island Heritage Monkey Trust which works to protect habitats so that socially learned tool using behaviours can persist in island dwelling populations of long-tailed macaques in the Andaman Sea.


Luncz, L. V., Gill, M., Proffitt, T., Svensson, M. S., Kulik, L., & Malaivijitnond, S. (2019). Group-specific archaeological signatures of stone tool use in wild macaques. eLife, 8: e46961.
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