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The HistoGenes project about the population history of Eastern central Europe from ca. 400 to 900 CE started in May 2020 and will run until 2026. We will analyze 6000 burials using the most advanced genomic, archaeological, historical, and anthropological methodologies. After bio-informatic modelling of the data, we will integrate the results into a new historical narrative. For the first time, we thus bring together the strengths of all available approaches to shed light on a formative period of Europe: the Early Middle Ages, c. 400 to 900 CE. How did people live in Eastern Central Europe 1500 years ago? And how did migrations and the rise and fall of powers affect their existence? We envisage a fresh picture of a distant past in which the present population of the region took shape. And we aim at creating a model for collaboration between the disciplines that will inspire further studies.