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Project Members

  • Søren Wichmann

Documentation of the Tlapanec language

Since 1991 I have been describing different aspects of the grammar of the Otomanguean language Tlapanec as spoken in Azoyú (Guerrero, southern Mexico). It is a complicated tonal language with unusual features of reference-tracking, case marking, and inflectional morphology.

Selected recent publications produced within this project

Wichmann, Søren. Forthc. Case relations in a head-marking language: verb-marked cases in Tlapanec. In: Malchukov, Andrej and Andrew Spencer (eds.), The Handbook of Case. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Wichmann, Søren. 2007. The reference-tracking system of Tlapanec: between obviation and switch reference. Studies in Language 31.4: 801-827.