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Guy Lavender Forsyth

Abteilung für Sprach- und Kulturevolution
Max-Planck-Institut für evolutionäre Anthropologie
Deutscher Platz 6
04103 Leipzig

E-Mail: guy_lavender_forsyth@[>>> Please remove the text! <<<]eva.mpg.de

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About me

I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Linguistic and Cultural Evolution. My research is motivated by the desire for the evolutionary human sciences, and quantitative statistical analysis of human society in general, to take seriously the insights produced by ethnographic research. I have cultivated this interest in mixed methods throughout my background in anthropology and psychology. My PhD work aimed to contribute to the development of a new theory human ideology's evolutionary foundations by developing culturally specific ways of measuring political attitudes in the USA, India, and Vanuatu. During these studies, I cultivated a particular interest in the history and politics of Vanuatu. My current postdoctoral position in the Department of Linguistic and Cultural Evolution builds on this, where I am involved in a project to study the causal predictors of vernacular language vitality and endangerment. Vanuatu, a country that is unique in its linguistic diversity and rare in establishing a creole (Bislama) as a national language, is a particularly apt and fascinating place to study this important topic.
I am currently working remotely based in Auckland, Aotearoa (New Zealand).

Curriculum Vitae


PhD in Psychology
University of Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand
Thesis title: The structure and foundations of political ideology across cultures


MSc by Research in Evolutionary Anthropology
Durham University, UK
Thesis title: Children's instrumental copying in play: comparing how children copy when they encounter evidence of failure in a close-and open-ended task


BSc in Anthropology
Durham University, UK
Thesis title: The cultural attraction of writing: An example of bi-directional causation in the construction of a developmental niche for brain plasticity


Lavender Forsyth, G. A., Chaudhuri, A., Atkinson, Q. D. Validating the Dual Evolutionary Foundations of Political Values in a US Sample. Frontiers in Psychology, 14, 2344.

Atkinson, Q. D., Claessens, S., Fischer, K., Lavender Forsyth, G. A., Kyritsis, T., Wiebels, K., & Moreau, D. (2022). Being specific about generalisability. Religion, Brain & Behavior, 1–3.

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Wilkins, C., Tremewan, J., Rychert, M., Atkinson, Q., Fischer, K., & Lavender Forsyth, G. A. (2022). Predictors of voter support for the legalization of recreational cannabis use and supply via a national referendum. International Journal of Drug Policy, 99, 103442.