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    accepted abstracts for download: [all abstracts] (version april 14, 2015)


    • Opening Plenary
      Bernard Comrie (MPI EVA Leipzig)
      Now and then: What we know in 2015 that we didn't know in 1998

    • Closing Plenary
      Russell Gray (MPI SHH Jena)
      Think big! The bright furture of linguistics

    • Anderson, Cormac (Leipzig U & MPI EVA)
      Minimal vowel systems in cross-linguistic perspective

    • Aralova, Natalia (MPI EVA)
      On developments in the vowel systems of two Even dialects

    • Arkadiev, Peter with Andrey Shluinsky (RAS Moscow)
      Towards a typology of derivational viewpoint aspect systems

    • Bakker, Dik (U Amsterdam) with Ewald Hekking (Querétaro, Mexico)
      In borrowing, anything goes, but not really

    • Bertinetto, Pier Marco with Luca Ciucci (Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa)
      On rare typological features of the Zamucoan languages, in the framework of the Chaco linguistic area

    • Bibiko, Hans-Jörg (MPI EVA Leipzig)
      Displaying geographical distribution of data within FileMaker™ and beyond ...

    • Bickel, Balthasar (U Zurich)
      Detecting large and ancient linguistic areas

    • Brown, Lea with Matthew Dryer (U at Buffalo)
      Semantic factors governing the order of object and verb in Walman, a language of Papua New Guinea

    • Carvalho, Fernando Orphão de (MN/UFRJ), Rio de Janeiro)
      Morphophonological diversity in the Arawak family: The diachronic origins of the Mehinaku absolute markers

    • Cole, Peter with Tim Mckinnon, Gaby Hermon, Yanti (U Delaware & MPI EVA Fieldstation Jakarta)
      The typology of voice in Malayic: The development of agent-demoting passives

    • Comrie, Bernard (MPI EVA) with Diana Forker (U Bamberg), Zaira Khalilova (MPI EVA), Madzhid Khalilov (RAS Daghestan)
      Antipassives in Tsezic and beyond

    • Conners, Thomas with Claudia Brugman, Nikki Adams, Amalia Gnanadesikan, Brook Hefright (U Maryland)
      A typological overview of strategies that aid in reference tracking

    • Corbett, Greville with Sebastian Fedden (U Surrey)
      Two systems or one? A canonical typology approach

    • Crevels, Mily (Leiden U) with Pieter Muysken (Radboud U, Nijmegen)
      The lenguas de Bolivia project: Typological prospects

    • Cristofaro, Sonia (U Pavia)
      Synchronic vs. diachronic explanations of typological universals: Redefining the role of frequency

    • Cysouw, Michael (U Marburg)
      Induction to the max: Typology through parallel texts

    • Dahl, Östen (Stockholm U)
      How WEIRD are WALS languages?

    • Daniel, Mikhail  (HSE & MSU Moscow)
      Agreement of personal pronouns in Nakh, Dargwa and Archi (East Caucasian)

    • De Reuse, Willem (U of North Texas) with Raoul Zamponi (Macerata, Italy)
      Relative clause formation in Lule (Argentine Chaco)

    • Diessel, Holger (U Jena)
      Role recovery in subject and object relative clauses

    • Dingemanse, Mark (MPI Nijmegen) with Simeon Floyd (MPI Nijmegen), Nick Enfield (U Sydney)
      Pragmatic typology: Unity and diversity in systems of language use

    • Dobrushina, Nina (HSE Moscow)
      Negation in the complement clauses of fear-verbs

    • Doehler, Christian (ANU Canberra)
      Morphological complexity in Komnzo verbs

    • Drude, Sebastian (MPI Nijmegen)
      Languages, “languoids”, ISO-codes and the Glottolog: Creating reference systems for language diversity and variation

    • Dryer, Matthew (U at Buffalo)
      Affix as a comparative concept

    • Epps, Patience (U of Texas at Austin)
      The dynamics of linguistic diversity: Language contact and language maintenance in Amazonia

    • Erschler, David (U Mass, Amherst)
      A universal on generalized sluicing

    • Estrada Fernández, Zarina (U Sonora) with Jesus Villapando (U of Colorado, Boulder)
      Clause chaining and nominalization in Tarahumara: Towards a diachronic source of clausal nominalizing suffixes

    • Farquharson, Joseph (U Bielefeld)
      A typological analysis of loan translation in contact languages

    • Filtchenko, Andrej with Olga Potanina (Tomsk U)
      Forward to the past: Multimodality of temporal marking in Eastern Khanty

    • Garcia-Miguel, José with Carmen Cabeza (Vigo U)
      Approaching valency patterns in Spanish Sign Language (LSE)

    • Gil, David (MPI EVA)
      Typology reflects phylogeny

    • Golluscio, Lucia (U Buenos Aires) with Willem De Reuse (U of North Texas), Felipe Hasler (U of Chile, Santiago)
      Relative clause syntax in the Gran Chaco and the Andes: Overlapping typologies

    • Grant, Anthony  (Edge Hill U, UK)
      Selection of element sources in the verbal syntagms of some stable mixed languages

    • Grawunder, Sven (MPI EVA)
      The Central Eastern German KL>*TL cluster shift in a perspective of areal phonetic typology

    • Güldemann, Tom (HU Berlin) with Christfried Naumann (MPI EVA)
      Grammatical relations in Taa (West !Xoon)

    • Hagège, Claude (Collège de France, Paris)
      Illustrations and violations of the syntax-phonology interface: Data and theoretical interpretation

    • Hammarström, Harald (Radboud U, Nijmegen)
      The basic word order typology: An exhaustive study

    • Handschuh, Corinna with Christian Rapold (U Regensburg)
      Pragmatic demarking of clefts: When and where

    • Haspelmath, Martin (MPI EVA)
      The serial verb construction: Comparative concept and cross-linguistic generalizations

    • Heath, Jeffrey (U Michigan)
      Typology and extreme languages

    • Heggarty, Paul (MPI EVA)
      Comparative and diversity linguistics:  Where next?

    • Janic, Katarzyna (U of Lyon Lumière)
      Object–oblique alternations in French

    • Karjus, Andres with Liisi Veski (U Tartu, Estonia)
      A semi-automatic, semi-supervised method for small data document clustering

    • Kibrik, Andrej (Moscow State U) with Mira Bergelson (HSE Moscow)
      Alaskan Russian: A special result of language contact

    • Kittilä, Seppo (U Helsinki)
      Salience and transitivity

    • König, Ekkehard (FU Berlin)
      Systems and uses of articles: Patterns of variation

    • Koptjevskaja-Tamm, Maria (U Stockholm) with Matti Miestamo (U Helsinki)
      Antonyms and word-level negation

    • Kornfilt, Jaklin (Syracuse U, NY)
      NEED-ing HAVE, and BE-ing NEED-less: Turkish evolving away from imposed patterns

    • Kortmann, Bernd (U Freiburg)
      The contribution of (e)WAVE to continent-wide typology

    • Kotorova, Elizaveta (U Zielona Gora) with Andrej Nefedov (Tomsk)
      Typological accommodation in Ket: The case of subordinate clauses

    • Kuteva, Tania (U Düsseldorf & SOAS London) with Bas Aarts (UC London), Geri Popova (Goldsmith U London) and Anvita Abbi (JNU New Delhi)
      On five counter-to-fact grammatical categories
      [presentation]   [handout]

    • Ladd, Robert (U Edinburgh)
      On the place of ‘stress’ in prosodic typology

    • Lancia, Leonardo (MPI EVA) with Georgy Krasovitskiy (U Oxford), Franziska Stuntebeck (Osnabrück U), Sven Grawunder (MPI EVA)
      Toward a complex systems approach to the analysis of rhythmic types

    • Lefebvre, Claire (UQAM, Montreal)
      What does the Relabeling-based theory of creole genesis account for?

    • Letuchiy, Alexander (HSE Moscow)
      Agreement with sentential arguments in Adyghe

    • Levinson, Stephen (MPI Nijmegen)
      Language usage, language processing and typology

    • Lieven, Elena (U Manchester) with Sabine Stoll (U Zurich)
      What does speech add to points and vice versa? Preschoolers and their surrounding environment in three cultures

    • Matic, Dejan (MPI Nijmegen)
      Expectations and Common Ground as grammatical categories: The Tundra Yukaghir case

    • Maurer, Philippe (U Zurich)
      Reflexive voice in Sutsilvan

    • Mettouchi, Amina (EPHE Paris)
      Corpus-based typology: perspectives for cross-linguistic comparison

    • Michaelis, Susanne Maria (MPI EVA)
      Inflectional complexity in creole languages: Evidence from the Atlas of Pidgin and Creole Language Structures

    • Molochieva, Zarina (U Regensburg)
      Natural speech vs. controlled-stimulus narratives: Referential density in Chechen

    • Moran, Steven with Balthasar Bickel,Taras Zakharko (U Zurich)
      Phonological features from a quantitative typological perspective

    • Mous, Maarten (Leiden U)
      Laws of in-law languages

    • Moyse-Faurie, Claire (Lacito-CNRS, Paris)
      Expressing (non)existence in some Oceanic languages
      [presentation]   [handout]

    • Mutalov, Rasul (RAS Moscow)
      Mood in Dargwa Languages

    • Naumann, Christfried (MPI EVA) with Robert Forkel (MPI EVA), Steven Moran (U Zurich)

    • Nevskaya, Irina (U Frankfurt)
      The prospective as a cross-linguistic grammatical category

    • Nichols, Johanna (UC Berkeley)
      Pan-Eurasian typological clines

    • Nicolai, Robert (U Nice)
      Langues, langage dynamiques et pertinences: Réflexions sur la dynamique sémiotique et la construction du sens

    • Pakendorf, Brigitte (DDL-CNRS & U Lyon)
      Genetic perspectives on prehistoric language contact: a way forward or a dead-end?

    • Piryaee, Shiva (Iran)
      The effects of Lori (Borujerdi) dialect on the Borujerd Jews’ dialect

    • Polinsky, Maria (Harvard U)
      Scope under language contact

    • Potanina, Olga with Andrej Filtchenko (Tomsk U)
      Tomsk Eastern Khanty and Southern Selkup Documentation Program: Interim report

    • Rießler, Michael (U Freiburg) with Evgenia Zhivotova (MPI EVA), Niko Partanen (U Freiburg)
      Kildin Saami documentary sociolinguistics: Investigations on the variation and change in function words

    • Rostovtsev-Popiel, Alexander (U Mainz)
      Subjects of decreased control in Kartvelian anticausatives

    • Sakel, Jeanette (UWE Bristol)
      The impact of language contact on Mosetén and Pirahã

    • Sauppe, Sebastian (MPI Nijmegen)
      Symmetry and asymmetry in voice systems: Evidence from Tagalog and German sentence production

    • Schulte, Kim (UJI, Castelló de la Plana, Spain)
      Finding out what really drives change: The importance of multivariate analysis in historical linguistics

    • Seifart, Frank (MPI EVA & U Amsterdam) with Jan Strunk (U Amsterdam), Balthasar Bickel (U Zurich), Swintha Danielsen (U Leipzig), Iren Hartmann (MPI EVA), Brigitte Pakendorf (CNRS & U Lyon-Lumière 2), Søren Wichmann (MPI EVA), Alena Witzlack-Makarevich (U Kiel), Taras Zakharko (U Zurich)
      Noun to verb ratio and word order

    • Senft, Gunter (MPI Nijmegen)
      Classifiers in Kilivila: Introducing referents and keeping track of them

    • Seuren, Pieter (MPI Nijmegen)
      Between language and thinking

    • Shluinsky, Andrey (RAS Moscow) with Olesya Khanina (Moscow)
      Encoding direct object in Enets

    • Sidwell, Paul (Australian National University)
      A comprehensive phylogenetic analysis of the Austroasiatic languages

    • Siegel, Jeff (U of New England, Australia)
      How to lose an argument in Nama: Transitive and intransitive verbs in a Papuan language of Southern New Guinea

    • Soriente, Antonia (Naples U L’Orientale)
      A new look at the Kayanic branch: Data from Merap

    • Stapert, Eugenie (Leiden U)
      System of orientation in Dolgan

    • Stoll, Sabine with Taras Zakharko, Steven Moran, Robert Schikowsky, Balthasar Bickel (U Zurich)
      Syntactic mixing across generations in a Chintang/Nepali bilingual environment

    • Stolz, Thomas, with Natalia Levkovych, Aina Urdze (U Bremen)
      Spatial interrogatives: Cross-linguistic aspects of an understudied paradigm

    • Stoynova, Natalya (Moscow)
      Double ‘again’-expressions

    • Valenzuela, Pilar (Chapman U, California)
      Applicative constructions and double derivation in Shiwilu (Kawapanan)

    • van Lier, Eva (U Amsterdam)
      Property words in Oceanic languages
      [presentation]   [handout]

    • Veselinova, Ljuba (Stockholm U)
      'Not-yet'-expressions in the languages of the world: Special negators or a separate cross-linguistic category
      [presentation]   [questionnaire]

    • Wälchli, Bernhard (Stockholm U)
      Toward a typology of sociatives

    • Weber, Tobias (U Regensburg & U Zurich)
      Differential A Marking: Diachronic developments and restrictions from a typological perspective

    • Wichmann, Søren (MPI EVA)
      Worldwide patterns of language migration

    • Williams, Robert (American U, Cairo)
      The Uncunwee Documentation Project: Language documentation in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan

    • Wohlgemuth, Jan (U Münster)
      A typology of language naming principles

    • Wolff, Ekkehard (Leipzig U)
      Vocalogenesis in Chadic languages (West and Central Africa)

    • Yuditha, Tessa (Radboud U, Nijmegen)
      Are you a butterfly or a spider? A study of animal metaphors on Minangkabau as cultural models

    • Zand-Moghadam, Amir with Aylar Adeh (Allameh Tabataba'i University, Tehran)
      Speech act realization strategies in Persian, English, and Turkmen: A case of monolingual and bilingual learners

    • Zariquiey, Roberto (PCUP, Lima)
      Transitivity harmony in Panoan and elsewhere