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Statistical Demography (Fernando Colchero)


Our research is focused on two main areas: first, the development of statistical and mathematical models for demography and population dynamics; and second, the application of these models to understand the diversity of demographic and life-history strategies among primates and other species. We are particularly interested in developing inference models for demography that can be used across a broad range of species. Through comparative demographic analyses, we aim to explore how differences in demographic rates impact population dynamics and demographic senescence. 


  • Bayesian inference methods for demography: We developed the Bayesian Survival Trajectory Analysis framework to make inference on age-specific survival when individual times of birth are missing. The approach is formalized in the R package BaSTA (Colchero et al. 2012, Colchero & Clark 2012, Colchero et al. 2021). Similarly, we are currently extending our demographic toolkit to Bayesian Fertility Trajectory Analysis (BaFTA) for inference on age-specific fertility using models developed in other disciplines.

  • Comparative biodemography: We use the methods developed in our group to explore the evolution of life-history strategies. For instance, we are analyzing one of the largest datasets on individual longevity from captive animals to explore the evolution of sex differences in longevity among mammals and birds. We are also studying the effect of hormonal and surgical contraception on longevity among mammals. 

  • Evolution of Ageing: We are interested in understanding the evolutionary and proximal mechanisms that determine ageing patterns among primates and other groups.



Jad Daou

Relevant publications

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We develop R packages for demographic and comparative analyses:

  • BaSTA: Bayesian Survival Trajectory Analysis. Inference on age-specific fertility for capture-mark-recapture data with truncated and censored records and for which times of birth and/or death might be missing for some individuals.
  •  paramDemo: parametric functions for age-specific survival and fertility. The package includes functions to calculate product limit estimators.
  • CreateRproj: Functions to create an R project directory or an R package directory, allowing to start an Rstudio project and a Git repository.
  • BayesPGLS: Functions to carry out Bayesian phylogenetic least squares.