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Group Staff

  • Matthias Meyer (Group leader)
  • Ayinuer Aximu-Petri (head of the automation lab):
    I am developing lab automation protocols for the Bravo NGS workstation and other liquid handling devices and oversee the whole sample preparation workflow. In addition, I am a member of the sequencing group and operate our in-house DNA sequencers (Illumina, PacBio and Sanger sequencing technologies).
  • Diyendo Massilani (Postdoc)
  • Louisa Jáuregui (Project coordinator):
    By monitoring sample progress and keeping abreast of ongoing endeavors in the group, I work to facilitate the communication between collaborating scientists and our researchers here in Leipzig. My primary focus pertains to projects involving DNA-retrieval from sediment.
  • Alba Bossoms Mesa (Graduate student)
  • Vincent Geyer (Graduate Student)
  • Merlin Szymanski (Graduate Student)
  • Elena Essel (Lab technician)
  • Sarah Nagel (Lab technician)
  • Julia Richter (Lab technician)
  • Anna Schmidt (Lab technician)
  • Anne Busch (Student assistant)
  • Matthäus Haase (Student assistant)
  • Leonie Kohl (Student assistant)
  • Victoria Scheer (Student assistant)
  • Alexander Sternberg (Student assistant)
  • Hannes Tausend (Student assistant)

Former lab members

  • Elena Beirer
  • Lukas Bokelmann
  • Hannes Buchholz
  • Celine Camuto
  • Atilla Çelikgil
  • Jesse Dabney
  • Marie Gansauge
  • Isabelle Glocke
  • Mateja Hajdinjak
  • Charlotte Hopfe
  • Petra Korlević
  • Yuliia Lihanova
  • Laurin Lippik
  • David López Herráez
  • Hanna Mayer
  • Felix Müller
  • Michelle Roderer
  • Sebastian Ruck
  • Linda Pöschla
  • Elena Zavala