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Verhalten und Evolution von Primaten

Director: Prof. (Duke Univ.) Jenny Tung, Ph.D.

The Department of Primate Behavior and Evolution unifies organismal perspectives on behavior, life history and evolution with molecular and genetic approaches in order to gain previously unobtainable insights. Its mission is to uncover the patterns and processes that guide primate evolution, produce applied knowledge with relevance to human health and primate conservation, and build capacity for primate research everywhere.



Male crested macaques more likely to respond to offspring screams recruiting support

Primate Behavior and Evolution

Macaca Nigra Project: Special issue of the International Journal of Primatology


Locals know how to eat

Primate Behavior and Evolution

To find the choicest menu options, migrant orangutans watch how the locals eat


Costs and benefits of genetic mixing

Primate Behavior and Evolution

Baboons borrowed a third of their genes from a closely related species