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The Bonobo Genome

We generated a total of 26x coverage of the bonobo genome from a sample taken during routine examination of Ulindi, a female bonobo living in Zoo Leipzig. All sequencing was executed on the 454 Sequencing platform and included paired end libraries with 3, 9 and 20 kb insert sizes. The genome sequence was assembled from these reads using the Celera Assembler and yielded an assembly with a N50 contig size of 67 kb and a N50 scaffold size of 9.6 Mb. The genome sequence is comparable in quality to the draft chimpanzee assembly.

Here, we provide contigs, scaffolds and chromosome-assigned scaffolds. Contigs and scaffolds are also available through GenBank (AJFE01000000). All data is made freely available.



Contigs, scaffolds and chromosome-assigned scaffolds are available through
in FastA format.

Scaffolds and contigs can also be downloaded from Genbank (AJFE01000000).

Sequence Reads

All 454 sequence reads have been deposited at the Sequence Read Archive under id ERP000601


The project was made possible by the European Research Council (grant 233297, TWOPAN) and the Max Planck Society.


Kay Prüfer, Kasper Munch, Ines Hellmann, Keiko Akagi, Jason R. Miller, Brian Walenz, Sergey Koren, Granger Sutton, Chinnappa Kodira, Roger Winer, James R. Knight, James C. Mullikin, Stephen J. Meader, Chris P. Ponting, Gerton Lunter, Saneyuki Higashino, Asger Hobolth, Julien Dutheil, Emre Karakoç, Can Alkan, Saba Sajjadian, Claudia Rita Catacchio, Mario Ventura, Tomas Marques-Bonet, Evan E. Eichler, Claudine André, Rebeca Atencia, Lawrence Mugisha, Jörg Junhold, Nick Patterson, Michael Siebauer, Jeffrey M. Good, Anne Fischer, Susan E. Ptak, Michael Lachmann, David E. Symer, Thomas Mailund, Mikkel H. Schierup, Aida M. Andrés, Janet Kelso, Svante Pääbo:
The bonobo genome compared with the chimpanzee and human genomes.
Nature 486: 527-531 (2012). [pdf]


Last updated: July 30, 2018