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1st Day (Thursday, May 14): Survey panels according to disciplines

Day 1
May 14Introduction
Welcome and setting of the symposium: Comrie
General cross-disciplinary perspectives: Heggarty   [Introduction]
Glossary Genetics Pakendorf/ Barbieri   [Glossary]
(1) Cross-area panel
Paleoclimate: Chase: survey (Skype conference)
Archaeology:A. Smith: major sequences and areas within the Holocene   [slides]
Rock art: B. Smith: survey (Skype conference)   [slides]
Linguistics: Sands: “Khoisan” in and outside southern Africa   [slides]
Linguistics: Gunnink/ Bostoen: Bantu in southern Africa   [slides] [handout]
Coffee break
(2) Regional panel: I Kalahari Basin core
Linguistics: Güldemann: Kx’a, Tuu, and Khoe   [slides]
Archaeology: Sadr   [slides]
Genetics: Barbieri: Namibia/Botswana   [slides]
Genetics: Schlebusch: RSA   [slides]
Lunch break
(3) Regional panel: II North(west)ern Kalahari Basin fringe
Linguistics: Lionnet: Ju of Kx’a   [slides]
Linguistics: Fehn: Khwe and Kwadi of Khoe-Kwadi   [slides]
Linguistics:   Gunnink/ Bostoen: Linguistic substrate in northwestern Bantu   [slides]
Archaeology:A. Smith: Kavango/Makgadigadi   [slides]
Coffee break
Genetics: Rocha: Angola/northern Namibia
Genetics: Barbieri: Zambia/northern Botswana   [slides]


2nd Day (Friday, May 15): Survey panels according to disciplines

Day 2
May 15(4) Regional panel: III Eastern Kalahari Basin fringe
Linguistics: Chebanne/Fehn: Eastern Kalahari Khoe of Khoe-Kwadi   [slides 1] [slides 2]
Linguistics: Güldemann: Eastern ǃUi of Tuu   [slides]
Linguistics: Bailey: Linguistic substrate in southeastern Bantu
Archaeology: Mazel: Lesotho, Drakensberg, Natal   [slides]
Genetics: Pakendorf: eastern Botswana   [slides]
Genetics: Capelli: Admixture in Bantu-speaking populations
Coffee break
(5) Regional panel: IV South-western Kalahari Basin fringe
Linguistics: Güldemann: Western ǃUi of Tuu   [slides]
Linguistics: Güldemann/Witzlack-M.: Khoekhoe of Khoe-Kwadi   [slides]
Archaeology: Conard: Early coastal foraging   [slides]
Archaeology:A. Smith: Cape and Namibian interior   [slides]
Archaeology: McGranaghan: Forager-food producer contact   [slides]
Genetics: Schlebusch: western RSA   [slides]
Genetics: Pakendorf: Namibia   [slides]
Lunch break
(6) Cross-area panel
Cultur. Anthr.: Widlok
Coffee break
Kinship Syst.: Boden   [slides]


3rd Day (Saturday, May 16): Thematic panels according to chronology and questions

Day 3Topic
May 16(7) Kalahari Basin prehistory before the advent of food production
 Linguistics:Güldemann: Linguistic blanks in the Kalahari Basin   [handout] [map]
 ArchaeologySadr: Interior foraging   [slides]
 Genetics:Stoneking: divergence in “Khoisan”   [slides]
 Genetics:Schlebusch: selection and split in “Khoisan”   [slides]
 Coffee break
 (8) Kalahari Basin prehistory after the advent of pastoralim
 a. Domesticates
 Archaeology:A. Smith   [slides]
 Genetics:Beja-Pereira   [slides]
 Linguistics:Fehn/Güldemann/Naumann: Linguistics of precolonial domesticates   [data] [maps]
 Lunch break
 b. People
 Archaeology:A. Smith: Pros of demic expansion of pastoralism   [slides]
 Archaeology:Sadr: Pros of cultural diffusion of pastoralism   [slides]


Stoneking: Eastern African links beyond Bantu   [slides]
 Coffee break
 Genetics:Capelli: Characterising "Khoisan" ancestry in southern Africa
 Linguistics:Hammarström: Numeral systems   [slides]
 Linguistics:Naumann: Sound patterns across southern African languages   [slides]