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Current projects

Multimodal communication and/or chemical ecology

  1. Chemical fertility cues in nonhuman primates and humans
  2. Chemical cues of relatedness in nonhuman primates and humans
  3. The use of olfactory cues in the absence of visual cues
  4. Olfactory cognition of social relationships in primates
  5. Chemical information from different scent sources in mammals
  6. Development of facial similarity among close relatives
  7. Do structural patterns of chemical, visual and acoustic cues/signals reflect genetic relatedness?

Social bonds with focus on relatedness

  1. Assessing the impact of realized relatedness on sociality using whole genome sequencing
  2. Development of sociality, especially development of kin bias
  3. How do coalition formation and/or social bonds affect individual fitness?
  4. Paternal effects on offspring fitness
  5. Social causes and fitness consequences of natal and secondary dispersal
  6. Social learning of ecological information after natal dispersion

Reproductive success & fitness

  1. Occurrence of inbreeding after extended genetic isolation
  2. Inter- and intra-group variation of reproductive skew
  3. Variance in male life time reproductive success
  4. Determinants of male reproductive success when females are dominant

Ecology & biodiversity

  1. Remaining genetic diversity in critically endangered species
  2. Effects of pesticide load on fitness and health of wildlife foraging in monocultures
  3. Impact of conservation education programs on species conservation


  1. Comparative cognition in primates
  2. Inter- and intra-specific variation in ungulate cognition