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EHBEA 2022 will be hosted by the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, in the vibrant city of Leipzig, Germany, from the 19th to the 22nd of April.

Given the ongoing pandemic, we are planning a hybrid style conference, including in-person attendance, live-streaming and online participation.

Watch this space for further information about the conference and important dates!

Note: Due to the unclear pandemic situation and the related circumstances, the registration fees can only be announced at the beginning of the new year.

Thank you for your understanding and our apologies for any inconvenience.

For now please mark you calendars, stay healthy, and hopefully see you next April!

Your local organising committee,
Heidi Colleran, Anne Kandler and Adam Powell

Abstract Submission

Abstract submission for the conference is now open. Please go to the following link to submit your abstract. Please note abstract submission closes on December 1st 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are currently planning for a maximum of 140 people to attend in-person in the institute in Leipzig. We will make as much of the conference as possible available to people attending online. This includes live streaming of all talks, and potentially live poster sessions that include online participants. 

The conference will be scheduled on Central European Standard Time, so of course, some online participants will not be able to take part in some live sessions due to time differences. We are currently looking into possibilities of recording sessions and making them available throughout the duration of the conference. 

We have a limit of 140 people at present. We will operate a “first come, first served” approach to conference registrations. It would be very helpful for us if you register early so that we can figure out the numbers in advance. 

We want to welcome as many people as possible to Leipzig in 2022, but we also understand that this will not be possible for all our members. Nonetheless, in order to cater for the diverse preferences of participants, we need to ensure a certain number of in-person attendees to make the event feasible and enjoyable for all! Given the unusual circumstances, we will retain a certain amount of flexibility over the arrangements, however, we will make a final decision about the format of the conference in January 2022. 

It’s currently too early to say what the situation will be like in April 2022, but at the moment the Max Planck Society is following a “2G” model: this means one of the following conditions must be met for a meeting to be held in-person:

  1. Individuals must show evidence that they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19
  2.  Individuals must show evidence that they are fully recovered from COVID-19

We will be closely following the situation and will make amendments to this as necessary, including restricting the number of in-person participants further.

We will make a final decision about this in January 2022. If we go fully online, naturally all talks and posters will switch to an online format. In this case, we will most likely implement a ‘webinar’ format for the conference, but we will update this information in January.

A limited proportion of both talk and poster slots will be reserved for online participants. We will also provide online participants with structured opportunities to ask questions during all talks, most likely via a chat service.

No. We will have separate fee categories for online, in-person, member and non-member participants. 

Unfortunately, we have to restrict this possibility as it will substantially increase our costs, administrative and bureaucratic workload. It will also make it difficult to calculate in-person numbers for providing space, catering, etc. 

If you register in-person and we are forced to go online due to COVID-19, we hope to be able to refund the difference between the in-person and online fees. If the conference has to be cancelled entirely, we will of course, refund the full fees. 

Conference registration will open on December 1st 2021 and close in April 2022. We do ask that you register as soon as possible to obtain one of a limited number of in-person tickets. We cannot accommodate a rush of late registrations that take us above 140 participants at the institute.

We will inform you if your abstract has been accepted in January 2022.

We will be providing a dedicated room for childcare during the conference, which is equipped with live streaming so you won’t miss out on any of the action! We do not currently have a dedicated child-carer on hand, but we can start planning once we have a better idea of in-person attendance. If you envisage needing childcare during the conference, or have any other specific questions about this, please get in touch ASAP. 

We will make a decision on pre-recording of talks in January 2022.

We plan for all talks to be live-streamed. We envisage using a ‘webinar’ format like zoom. We are currently discussing storing the talks online for the duration of the conference so that people in different time zones can watch talks when it’s convenient for them. 

Many participants (especially pre-doctoral researchers) have difficulties getting funding to cover the costs of a conference dinner when these are sold separately. We want as many people as possible to be able to mingle at the end of the conference, and so we have decided on an “opt-out” strategy rather than an “opt-in” strategy. 

There will be a mixture of standard talks (15-20 mins) and speed talks, we will decide the final format in January 2022. Plenaries will be 45 mins long, with 15 mins for Q&A.

We are experimenting with a poster presentation format, which will allow online presenters to engage with both in-person and online conference attendees. More details to come.

Yes, there will be vegetarian and vegan options available throughout the conference, including the dinner.

No. Conference registration is for the full duration, for either remote or in-person attendance.

Travel and Accommodation

Hotel rooms can be booked here:

Motel One Leipzig-Post Hotel LÉGÈRE EXPRESS

booking code: 554.081.916
Grimmaischer Steinweg 1
04103 Leipzig
phone: +49 (341) 962 105-0
e-mail: leipzig-post@~@motel-one.com

We reserved bedrooms for 92,50 EUR incl. breakfast based on single occupancy. The price for double occupancy is 121,00 EUR incl. breakfast.
Please note that prices are only valid for bookings until February 28, 2022.

Booking code: EHBEA2022
Seemannstraße 2
04317 Leipzig
phone:  +49 (0) 341 98 99 72 – 50
e-mail: leipzig@~@legere-hotelgroup.com

We reserved bedrooms for 66 EUR incl. breakfast based on single occupancy. The price for double occupancy is 83.50 EUR incl. breakfast.
Please use the registration form.

Both hotels are located near the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology and the event location. Tram and bus stations as well as the city center of Leipzig are in walking distance.
More details will follow soon.