Welcome to EHBEA 2022 (from 19th to the 22nd of April)!

Step-by-step guide to EHBEA 2022

Welcome to EHBEA 2022! We are very happy you have made it this far! As you probably know by now, online conferences can be a bit of a pain. We are using a number of different platforms to enhance the conference experience, which means you have to sign up and login to use different services. Here we explain what these are for, how you sign up, and why we need them!

  1. Login with the details provided in the email sent to you on Thursday 14th April.
  2. Please go to Conference Sign-In and Consent. Here we ask a couple of basic personal details, and require your consent to take part in all aspects of the conference. In order to conform to data protection policies, we need you to agree not to share the conference links. We also ask you to agree to the EHBEA code of Conduct. Once you've done that you can go To the Conference.
  3. Sign-up for Gathertown (details in To the Conference). PLEASE use the same email address for all your sign-ups – we need this so that we can create a guestlist for registered participants.
  4. Sign-up for Mattermost (details in To the Conference), our dedicated chat service. Here you will find channels for every Talk and Speedtalk presenter, so that you can leave messages or comments (Poster comments can be left in Gathertown directly).
  • Gathertown works best on the Google Chrome browser so please install this browser now.
  • All presentations will be via Zoom. You will find the Zoom links inside the Gathertown environment.



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